Sunday, May 10, 2015

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

From Hospital Bed.

Peace be on to you

Brief introduction I am Mrs. Rose Houry , widow from Cook Island, married to late Engr. Johnson Houry who worked with an oil company in Abidjan Ivory Coast. He retired in the year 2002. He died in the year 2011 after an attack by armed rubbers here in Africa. I and my late husband have been in Africa for so many years before his death.

I have decided to leave Africa now back to cook island due to sham and insecurity here because this marriage made me change my family religion from Islam to become a Christian because of this my family here is Africa rejected me so this has effected me since the death of my beloved husband, all this is just because of the hatreds the Muslim have on Christians, so as I have decided to marry a Christian they now all hated me and rejected me to be part of the family after the death of my husband, which the are telling me to come back to Muslim which I refuse their request .

I and my son planed to move to cook island but we are finding it so difficult here because this country has no embassy here ,so we have decided to relocate to your country with the amount my late husband deposited with commercial A bank here in Abidjan Ivory Coast, if you can help and accept us in your country as your guest we will be grate full , as we don't have any relation there in your country we need your assistance , on this , you have to receive this funds which the bank here will transfer out from my late husband account to your local account in your country

You have to lead us in the area which we have to invest these funds so that it will benefit for both of us, this exactly what we need from you now.

if you are honest and capable to handle this funds, for us we have to ask the bank to contact you as our partner that will provide an account for the release of this funds from the bank here

We have to give you more details after your reply on this. Get back to me with your phone number for discussion

I am waiting to hear from you
Mrs Rose Houry

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Contact Mrs. Rose

From Mrs Rose Houry

Abidjan ivory coast

My name is Mrs.Rose Houry . I am a widow and a mother of a son. I know you will see my letter to you as an embarrassment considering the fact that we do not know ourselves. I plead with you to be patient with me and give me audience because I found myself in a situation that I don't have any option than to contact you, so that you can help me in this problem I found myself into, so I feel very pleased to contact you for your assistance and business relationship.

We from Sierra Leone My Dear husband Mr Johnson Houry was killed by the gunmen due to his political ambitions and his total fighting against crimes on Humanity the have also order for the confiscation all his seen public assets including his bank accounts which he has in our country , since his death life has become miserable to my family, but we are lucky to have an information of his company fixed deposited account of $18.3 million united states dollars outside our country which i and my son Jacob has the all the information's covering the deposit . i am now soliciting for your help to provide a bank account where this fund can be transfer to and invested into a profited venture ,such as

1 Real-Estate
2 Hotel business
3 Gas station

over there in your country since we have decided not to go back to our country for any Reason again after the transfer and we move out from here . You will also help us to have resident permit to be in your country for we to operate with you without any problem. In your country, we have decided to compensate you with part of this fund for any of your effort in getting things done for us, which will be discuses after you declare your interest in helping us. You will also serve as the director of any establishment which will be done with part of this fund in your country. We are now staying as a refuge in a local hotel here in Abidjan Ivory Coast i will like you to get back to us urgently so that we will give you more details about this transaction if you are honest and capable in handling the transfer.

We are hoping to hear from your urgently

thanks and god bless.
Mrs. Rose Houry

This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Re: Faisalalam's contact info

Faisal Alam
asked us to reach out and confirm they have your latest info

Here's what they have for you now:
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